Bart: Not enough quality players to win

Bart Scott, perhaps trying to kick-start his next career, appears this week on Showtime's "Inside the NFL." But unlike former teammate LaDainian Tomlinson, who unloaded on the Jets last January on the show, Scott saves his venom for the media.

Bart Scott

Bart Scott

#57 LB
New York Jets

2012 STATS

  • Tot60
  • Solo36
  • Ast24
  • FF0
  • Sack2.5
  • Int1

The veteran linebacker, expected to be cut next month, downplayed the stories about the turmoil in the Jets' locker room.

"You can ask Tim Tebow, you can ask anybody in there. We were together," Scott said on the episode, which airs 9 a.m. Wednesday. "There was never any complaining ... guys worked hard. You know what the problem was with the New York Jets this year? We didn’t have enough quality players to win. Simple as that."

In other words, they were blissfully bad, according to Scott.

Scott clashed with the media on several occasions.

"I didn’t like the personal attacks," he said. "A quick example now is the media following Rex (Ryan) down to the Bahamas. I mean, who does that? ... I can’t imagine them going out and catching Tom Coughlin laid out ... and following him ... We are in the same town but we are covered differently (than the Giants)."

Gee, wonder why that could be.