Cavanaugh to Bears -- Tebow reunion?

Former Jets quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh, whose contract wasn't renewed by the team, was hired Friday by the Bears.

Let's play a little connect-the-dots game. Cavanaugh will work for newly hired head coach Marc Trestman, who was hired by Tim Tebow as a personal tutor to prep him for the 2010 Senior Bowl and pre-draft evaluation period. At the time, Trestman spoke glowingly of Tebow.

Now Trestman has hired Tebow's position coach with the Jets. Does this mean Tebow could be headed to Chicago? There will be rampant speculation, of course, but it could work against Tebow as well. Cavanaugh was around him every day and he, better than anyone, knows Tebow's limitations as a quarterback.

In the meantime, we'll have fun with the speculation.

As for the wisdom of the Cavanaugh hire, it's debatable. He spent four seasons as Mark Sanchez's position coach, and there was an obvious dropoff with Sanchez the past two years. Now Cavanaugh gets to work with diva Jay Cutler. Should be interesting.