Recap of Idzik's first day in Florham Park

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Touching on some of the highs and lows from John Idzik's introductory news conference:

FUMBLE: The Jets' new GM did a poor job of handling questions on the Darrelle Revis trade speculation. Idzik stuck to his talking points, saying it's too early to comment on any player, but Revis isn't just any player. He's one of the best in franchise history. Idzik's non-committal approach didn't accomplish anything, except to make Revis feel alienated.

FIRST DOWN: Idzik did a nice job of navigating delicate questions on the future of Rex Ryan. He called Ryan "a very accomplished coach ... very energetic ... optimistic ... engaging, as we all know." Idzik didn't issue a playoffs-or-bust mandate, making Ryan feel wanted. When a reporter suggested to Ryan that he maybe he's not under the gun to win in 2013, the coach cracked, "The gun has been taken away? I'm all for that." Funny, but let's be realistic: It's win or be gone.

ILLEGAL PROCEDURE: Idzik has the final say on personnel, but he and owner Woody Johnson kept talking about it being a "collaborative" process. Idzik said he will solicit input from everyone -- Ryan, the coaches, the scouts, etc., building a consensus in the organization. That all sounds good in the news conference, but it can be a flawed approach. The best organizations have one leader, one voice.

TOUCHDOWN: In terms of sizzle, Idzik's first presser fell way short of Ryan's introductory news conference four years ago. But Idzik showed up with this snappy line: He believes in "the power of we over me. That's something that will be very strong here in New York." He has the right idea. The Jets have too many divas and need to adopt a team-first attitude. It's time for a culture change. We'll see if Idzik has the ability to make it happen.

DROPPED BALL: I get it -- Idzik wanted to set a positive tone -- but he probably caused Jets fans to choke on their lunch when he claimed, "I don't sense dysfunction" in the building. He also talked about "one of the most fabulous football infrastructures anyone could ask for." That's not what the fans wanted to hear; their team finished 6-10 and they wanted to know how he plans to fix it. Idzik didn't provide any specifics.

MISDIRECTION PLAY: Johnson, responding to an ESPNNewYork.com story that said he was initially opposed to the Tim Tebow trade, insisted the deal wasn't forced on him. "When we make decisions, we're all in," Johnson said. Sorry, I'm not buying that one.