Jets' interest in Trent Edwards makes sense

UPDATE: The Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars were the only two teams to submit waiver claims for QB Trent Edwards, but he was awarded to the Jaguars. They have the priority because their record is worse than the Jets.

Yes, it's true, the New York Jets are showing interest in QB Trent Edwards, a league source confirmed Tuesday morning. Edwards was unceremoniously cut by the Buffalo Bills Monday, only one week after losing his starting job to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Here's the deal: Teams have until 4 p.m. to submit a claim on Edwards. As of late morning, the Jets still were mulling the idea. Because the waiver priority system still is based on last season's records, the Jets have very little chance of landing the fourth-year quarterback. But it's still a fascinating little story, so let's examine it.

Why would the Jets want another quarterback? Helloooo, they face the Bills this week and Edwards, no doubt, would be a valuable asset in terms of preparation and game planning. Of course, he'd be an expensive spy --$97,000, his weekly game check, based on his $1.65 million salary. That's a lot of coin for one week's worth of intel.

Clearly, the Jets' interest goes beyond gamesmanship. GM Mike Tannenbaum is from the Ron Wolf school on quarterback philosophy -- i.e. you can't have too many. The Jets have their QB of the present and future, Mark Sanchez, but they have no idea about their long-term No. 2.

Mark Brunell, 40, and Kellen Clemens are on one-year contracts. Chances are, both will be gone next year. Kevin O'Connell (shoulder surgery) is on injured reserve, but don't expect him back in 2011; they already tried to get rid of him once.

Edwards, too, is in the final year of his contract, so there are no guarantees, but at least he has some redeeming qualities. Sure, he has flaws (in Buffalo, they call him Captain Checkdown), but his starting record is 14-16 -- an accomplishment for any quarterback who plays for the Bills.

Chances are, this will be a moot story by 4 p.m. But until Edwards lands somewhere else, it's a fun topic to consider.