Brandt on Revis: He'll never be happy

ESPN business analyst Andrew Brandt, a former Packers executive, offered his take on the Darrelle Revis situation. Speaking with Ross Tucker on an ESPN podcast, Brandt painted a grim picture, suggesting the Jets are tired of Revis' money grabs and want to send him packing.

"I don't think this kid is ever going to be happy, financially," Brandt said. "I think he and his representation have made it clear to the Jets and probably anyone else who asks, it's not enough to be the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL today or even NFL history. They're into this whole 'premier player' negotiations, which has worked for two players.

"It worked for Chris Johnson -- although Adrian Peterson went past that -- and it worked for Larry Fitzgerald, where you're not compared to the market. This is their argument: Forget what cornerbacks make; he wants to be paid like the best players.

"I just sense this is never going to stop with Revis. Forget the fact that he's hurt all year; this is going to be an issue and I sense the Jets have known this for a while and they might as well try to get some value before he turns free agent a year from now. I sense this is going to be a recurring issue, into the year, and that's why they want to move it. They just want to get this off the team."

Brandt, who said he knows John Idzik very well, weighed in on the Jets' decision to hire him as general manager. He acknowledged that he recognizes Idzik as more of a cap guy than a talent evaluator, but Brandt was in favor of the move.

"Two things sort of suggest that maybe this is the right move for the Jets," he said. "He does have some scouting background in his background, highly recommended by John Schneider, who is the well-respected general manager of the Seahawks. Number two, let's be frank about this: They're in a mess, cap and contract wise. If you're going to hire a leader of that organization, you'd better have experience handling that kind of stuff."