Idzik still hedges on Revis, not Sanchez

New Jets GM John Idzik said Monday morning he was "taken aback" by the Darrelle Revis trade-talk firestorm last week because he hadn't conducted any internal discussions on the Jets' roster -- and still hasn't -- but he apparently doesn't need those conversations to confirm Mark Sanchez's place on the team.

Go ahead, read between the lines.

Idzik, appearing on WFAN radio, was asked if he feels "comfortable" with Sanchez as the quarterback. He replied, "I feel comfortable with Mark being a Jet. I told him we're going to add competition and everyone should be up for it. It's going to make Mark, and everybody else, better."

Idzik said he has spoken to Sanchez, and he said the embattled quarterback is "champing at the bit. He wants to get going with his new coordinator. He's all about competing. I got a really good feeling from Mark."

Sanchez has a $12.8 million cap charge and a contract that is almost immovable, so it's not exactly breaking news that Idzik would confirm his place on the roster. Yet when asked about Revis, the best player on the team and one of the best in the league, Idzik fell back on the company line -- still too early to evaluate. He said he still hasn't had any in-depth discussions about the roster.

Idzik said he was surprised by the reports, which broke on the eve of his introductory news conference last Thursday, that the Jets are open to trading Revis.

"I called Darrelle just to make sure he knew exactly what was going on from our end," Idzik said. "It was good to talk to him. I thought it was well-received."

Idzik touched on a few other topics in the interview.

On the salary-cap problem (almost $20 million over the cap), he said, "It's definitely a huge item, right at the forefront, but it's nothing we can't manage."

Idzik hinted he could take a revolving-door approach to the roster. He mentioned his former team, the Seahawks, noting that in Pete Carroll's first season (2010), "I'd be willing to bet we set the record for NFL transactions in a year. We were massaging that roster pretty good the entire year." He said competition will be an ongoing theme.

Idzik said Rex Ryan has "extraordinary traits" and, when pressed, he said he would've had no problem hiring Ryan if the head-coaching position had been vacant. "Yeah, absolutely, you'd want a guy like Rex."

He said he was "comfortable" with Ryan's choice of Marty Mornhinweg as offensive coordinator, adding that he has "trust in Rex" and talked with him throughout the selection process.