Did Westerman fake an injury?

When New York Jets LB Jamaal Westerman grabbed his hamstring while covering a kickoff in the third quarter of Sunday night's win over the Miami Dolphins, the NBC announcers (Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth) suggested on the air that Westerman was faking.

Former Jets PK Jay Feely, watching in Arizona somewhere, tweeted, "The broadcast is dead on with the fake injury thing. Jets often tell a guy on Kickoff to fake an injury to give the Def a breather."

If the Jets wanted to fake it, that would've been the ideal time because the defense did need a breather. It had just spent six minutes on the field, and had to go back quickly because of the Jets' one-play touchdown drive -- the 67-yard reception by Braylon Edwards.

On Monday, Rex Ryan said Westerman "tweaked" his hammy and also suffered an ankle sprain.

If Westerman was faking, he's carrying it out to the hilt. On Wednesday, Westerman didn't participate in the open portion of practice. He was on the bicycle brigade and was later seen stretching off to the side with the strength coach.

Ryan will give the practice report later on. As reported earlier, CB Darrelle Revis (hamstring) didn't practice. It appears highly unlikely that he will play Sunday at the Buffalo Bills. LB Calvin Pace (foot) returned to practice, but he appeared to be very limited.