Polian ranks the free-agent class

ESPN analyst Bill Polian, a former general manager, released his free-agent rankings this week (Insider). He breaks them down into three categories -- A, B and C free agents.

Polian's definition of the three tiers:

A Players: Worth paying big, starter-caliber money.

B Players: Guys I would sign but only if the value made sense.

C Players: Guys I'd sign for low-salary, short-term (one or two years) value, with low bonuses.

Polian mentions only five Jets in his rankings, which is interesting because he was invited by owner Woody Johnson to participate in some of the team's recent general-manager interviews.

Anyway, here you go:


S LaRon Landry: Landry had a good year for a bad team. He's a striker, a big hitter. While he is a little older, he's still a pretty serviceable player. We're closer to B territory now, but for a team looking for a safety, he could do a good job.


DT Mike DeVito: He's a hard-playing run-defender, and teams that play the 3-4 will take a look at him as a valuable role player.

Other B free agents: RB Shonn Greene, TE Dustin Keller, RG Brandon Moore