Revis wants answers from Jets

Darrelle Revis was stunned that general manager John Idzik did not dismiss trade rumors involving the star New York Jets cornerback on Idzik's first day on the job. Now Revis is explaining why, and it's clear he's still irritated about it.

"I was speechless; I tweeted it out I was speechless," Revis told NFL Network's Andrea Kremer in an interview that airs Monday night. "I was speechless because I didn't get a phone call. I know it's a business, just call me, don't have it lingering out there. I need answers and I'm not getting any."

Revis was upset by "the fact that that was put out there instead of contacting your best player on the team. If that's how you want to do business, then that's fine."

The network is continuing to follow Revis throughout his rehab from ACL surgery for a series called "Health of the Game." The full show, which includes the above quote, airs at 7 p.m. ET.

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