Analysis: Sifting through the Revis smoke

Rex Ryan and the Jets did their best to downplay the Darrelle Revis trade speculation. Don't buy it. USA TODAY Sports, AP Photo

INDIANAPOLIS -- Rex Ryan and John Idzik met the media Thursday at the scouting combine, where they faced a barrage of questions about the future of Darrelle Revis. Here's what they said:

We have no plans to trade Revis. Unless we trade him.

They did their best to downplay the trade speculation, which they helped fuel last month by refusing to commit to Revis (upsetting their star cornerback), but don't believe for one second that Revis is off the trading block. This story won't go away any time soon.

Folks, it's called posturing. The Jets can't let anyone think they're interested in trading Revis because, obviously, that would damage their leverage. So they came out Thursday, threw him a whole lot of love and called him a "tremendous asset" to the organization.

But at no point did Ryan or Idzik come out and say, "Read my lips: He's not going anywhere." Idzik, from the Mike Tannenbaum School of Revealing Nothing, wouldn't even answer a question on whether he's planning to meet with Revis' agents. Mostly, Idzik and Ryan talked in circles, trying to smooth things over with Revis and sending a message to the league that they're quite happy with their star player.

Sorry, not buying it. Revis' future is just as uncertain today as it was yesterday.