Shoulder surgery for potential Jets pick

INDIANAPOLIS -- Something for the Jets to think about:

Oregon pass rusher Dion Jordan, a player linked to the Jets with the ninth overall pick, will have surgery next week in Los Angeles to repair an injured labrum. The recovery is expected to take three to four months, meaning late June at the latest. He'll be back for training camp, but he'll be behind in his conditioning.

This probably won't affect Jordan's career, but it likely will impact his draft stock. His value had been soaring in recent weeks, but this development, though not a surprise, will cool things a bit.

This could present an interesting dilemma for the Jets, who need an explosive pass rusher to replace ... well, they haven't had that type of player since John Abraham. NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said Jordan has "frightening" athletic skills and could be another Aldon Smith-type pass rusher if he adds some weight to his 6-foot-6, 248-pound frame.

Jordan told reporters he got hurt midway through last season.

"I went and made a tackle the wrong way," he said. "They say you shouldn’t arm-tackle and I got the worst of it. But you know, I’ve dealt with it, I only missed one game last season, I dealt with it, and I feel like it shows my toughness, that I finished the season, I stayed true to my team and I made sure as a leader, as a senior of our team, it shows I’m willing to win and do what it takes to compete."

Jordan said he will compete in all the combine drills except the bench press.

Another potential pick for the Jets -- Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones -- also has a medical concern. He reportedly suffers from spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal column), and he'll have to be checked out thoroughly by doctors. Doctors at USC refused to let him play, prompting his transfer to Georgia.