Jets, Garrard have mutual interest

The Jets like David Garrard. Garrard likes the Jets. Now it's just a matter of cutting a deal.

The former Jaguars QB impressed the Jets' brass Thursday in a taxing workout designed to test his stamina, his surgically repaired knee and, of course, his throwing skill. They also subjected him to a battery of medical tests, including an MRI, at a local hospital. It took so long that he didn't leave the team's facility until 7:30 p.m.

"They gave us all indications they want to do something, but they first have to move some stuff around," said Garrard's agent, Al Irby, alluding to roster/contract tinkering. "David is very interested, but he has some alternatives."

But Garrard also realizes his best chance to play is with the Jets, who will make it an open competition with Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy and probably two other veterans. For a veteran quarterback still hoping to start, the Jets are the land of opportunity.

Tim Tebow? He won't be around much longer. The Jets shopped him at the scouting combine, sources said, hoping they could find a taker. A trade is unlikely, although they haven't given up hope. Perhaps that's the hold-up with Garrard. Maybe the Jets are getting ready to cut bait with Tebow, realizing they're only prolonging the inevitable by holding on to him.