Revisiting the Hunter-Smith trade

Everyone is focused on a possible Darrelle Revis trade, but let's go back to another trade that captivated Jets Nation for a few days last summer -- the blockbuster Wayne Hunter-for-Jason Smith swap. (Please note the sarcasm.)

Ah, yes, who could forget that trade, when the Jets and Rams exchanged right-tackle headaches? It actually created a lot of buzz because Jets fans, apoplectic over the prospect of another season with Hunter at right tackle, cheered when the Rams took him off their hands.

Seven months later, we can officially declare the trade a one-and-done. On Wednesday, the Rams reportedly cut Hunter, coming two weeks after the Jets cut Smith. How perfect is that?

So which team got the better of the trade? Let's call it a wash, and we don't mean that in a positive sense. The silver lining for the Jets is that it opened the door for Austin Howard, who started 16 games at right tackle.


Jason Smith:

Earning from Jets: $2.45 million

Games: 16

Starts: 0

Total snaps: 265

Sacks/QB hits/hurries allowed: 1/0/1

Wayne Hunter:

Earnings from Rams: $2.45 million

Games: 14

Starts: 4

Total snaps: 345

Sacks/QB hits/hurries allowed: 4/4/2

Source: Pro Football Focus