Tim's next stop: 49ers? Anyone? Bueller?

The new league year begins in five days ... and it's all quiet on the Tim Tebow front. Strange.

GM John Idzik create a mild stir Monday when, on a call with season-ticket holders, he gave a convoluted answer on Tebow's future with the Jets, and it came out sounding like there's a chance Tebow could go to training camp with the team.

That won't happen. The Jets are actively shopping Tebow, according to league sources. Failing a trade, they will release him.

"I don't see anyone trading for Tebow," said an opposing personnel director, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "If the Jets get compensation, that's impressive."

Who would sign him as a free agent? Would anybody sign him? The personnel director speculated the 49ers could be a landing spot. They run the read-option offense with Colin Kaepernick and, once the Alex Smith-to-Kansas City trade becomes official March 12, the Niners will need a backup quarterback.

Could the Jets include Tebow in a Darrelle Revis package to the Niners? Now we're really playing Fantasy Football, although there has been a lot of that going on lately in these parts.

A small sampling of league executives offered up a few possible destinations for Tebow: the Eagles (Chip Kelly's spread offense), the Patriots (former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is the OC), the Bears (past associations with Marc Trestman and Matt Cavanaugh) and the Cards (Tebow has been working out in Arizona).

At this point, it's all speculative, but Tebow's next stop will be one of the most intriguing offseason storylines. The Jets better hope he doesn't land on their 2013 schedule, because games against scorned ex-Jets usually don't work out well for them. Kerry Rhodes is still is smiling.