Joe McKnight dresses for first time

ORCHARD PARK -- Rex Ryan wasn't kidding the other day when he said rookie RB Joe McKnight could be active this week. He is. It'll be interesting to see his role.

This smells like a PR move in the aftermath of Leon Washington's monster last game last week for the Seattle Seahawks. The Jets have been taking a lot of heat for trading Washington and anointing McKnight as his heir apparent. McKnight was brutal in the preseason, lost three fumbles, landing in Ryan's doghouse.

The Jets kept McKnight on the 53-man roster because they didn't want to cut a fourth-round pick. By doing so, they lost Danny Woodhead (TD last week for the New England Patriots) and Chauncey Washington (signed by the St. Louis Rams last week of the Jets' practice squad).

Well, here is McKnight's chance. Don't throw up, Joe.

The Jets' inactive list: CB Darrelle Revis, LB Calvin Pace, LB Jamaal Westerman, OT Wayne Hunter, TE Jeff Cumberland, WR Patrick Turner and DT Marcus Dixon. Kellen Clemens is the third QB.

UPDATE: Here are the Bills' inactives: CB Terrence McGee, S Cary Harris, LB Andra Davis, T Jamon Meredith, T Ed Wang, DE John McCargo and DE Marcus Stroud. Levi Brown is the third QB.