Revis update: The knee, not the trade

Darrelle Revis is running again -- only a treadmill, but at least he's running.

Revis, whose recovery from major knee surgery is being documented by the NFL Network, started on the treadmill Monday. He ran unloaded, which means there were 45 pounds lifted off him. That will be reduced as his rehab continues. Revis hopes to start running outside in four to six weeks, conveniently right before the draft. If the star cornerback gets traded, it likely would occur close to the draft. He's also working on drills to stop, plant and change direction.

"None of the trade talks matter if I'm not healthy and back to All-Pro form," Revis said.

He's five months removed from surgery, working out at his usual spot in Arizona, where he has trained the past seven offseasons. Meanwhile, his future is one of the hottest topics in the NFL.

“I want to be ready by training camp, be ready to play football," Revis said. "I believe in my talents. I think this was a bump in the road for me and I will get back to where I need to be, only because I know how competitive I am. I compete. I have done it my whole life, continue to do it and will until I am gone.”