W2W4: Free agency week (and other stuff)

There will be no shortage of Jets news this week. Storylines to watch:

1. Free agency: They're trying to re-sign DT Mike DeVito before Tuesday afternoon's opening bell. The Jets appear willing to let their other key free agents hit the market -- S LaRon Landry, TE Dustin Keller, RG Brandon Moore and RB Shonn Greene. It wouldn't be a shock if they lose them all over the next couple of weeks. The Jets will shop for low-cost alternatives, but you get the feeling new GM John Idzik won't rush into anything.

2. The Darrelle Revis situation: It was a relatively slow Sunday in the NFL, but there was an awful lot Revis propaganda in the blogosphere. Gee, wonder why. In reality, nothing has changed. The Jets are proceeding slowly, waiting until Revis gets healthy before they seriously consider trading him -- or, in a less likely scenario, signing him to an extension. (By the way, they did have a conversation with the Broncos.) They haven't negotiated with Revis' agents, but that's hardly news.

It may not be fast enough for some people, but the Jets are ready to let this play out until the April 25 draft -- and maybe longer. Bill Parcells joined the Revis debate Sunday. Speaking on ESPN's Free Agency special, Parcells said, "Fifteen million (a year) for a corner? Not me." Speaking of money, Revis is due a $1 million roster bonus on Saturday.

3. Santonio Holmes: The Jets want Holmes to reduce his team-high $11 million base salary, and the two sides have been in talks for a couple of weeks. The prediction here is they will find a landing spot (pardon the Mike Tannenbaum-ism). Holmes is guaranteed $7.5 million whether he's on the team or not. He knows his 2013 earnings max out at $7.5 million if he's released, so there's some financial motivation to stick around, assuming the Jets have less than a $3.5 million cut in mind.

4. Money matters: Aside from Revis, two other players have big roster bonuses coming their way -- C Nick Mangold ($3 million) and CB Antonio Cromartie ($2.3 million). The Jets could try to create more cap room by asking one or both to restructure, taking the bonus as a signing bonus and pro-rating the amount over the length of the contract for cap purposes. On another subject, they have to tender their restricted free agents. The key name is RT Austin Howard, who likely will receive a second-round tender ($2 million).

5. Tim Tebow: Is this the week?