Reaction: LaRon, we hardly knew ye

Quick thoughts on the departure of S LaRon Landry, who signed a four-year, $24 million contract Wednesday night with the Colts:

1. PREDICTABLE: This was hardly a surprise. I wrote a few weeks ago that Landry was looking for $6 million per year and, sure enough, look what he got. It was all about the money for Landry, who wasn't about to give a hometown discount. He was a hired gun, a one-and-done player who rehabilitated his image around the league and capitalized on it. He was an injured player last year when he signed with the Jets, taking a one-year, $3.5 million deal. He bet on himself -- and won.

2. TIGHT PURSE STRINGS: The Jets aren't pushing against the cap anymore; they cleared room Tuesday, giving them approximately $15 million in cap space. If there was a free agent on their roster that deserved a splurge, it was Landry. He was a good player for them last season. Brought some nasty to the defense. Played the pass better than expected. Made the Pro Bowl. Still in his prime. Rex Ryan loved him. So why did they let him walk out the door? Who are they saving the money for? We know it's not a new contract for CB Darrelle Revis, and there aren't too many big-name free agents that would command a big deal. Maybe GM John Idzik is saving for a rainy day. Some will argue that it's already pouring.

3. RISK FACTOR: The Jets may have been concerned about a couple of possible red flags. Landry managed to overcome past injury problems and start every game -- he received a weekly roster bonus as motivation -- but he was playing for a contract. Will he have the same incentive on a long-term deal? He's also not a big believer in participating in the off-season program, dating to his years with the Redskins. He barely showed last year for voluntary workouts. There also could've been some concern to how he'd react in a rebuilding situation. It's worth noting that he missed the team bus to the airport for the final game, resulting in a mini-benching. Maybe it was just a blip on the screen. Maybe not.