Wood-zik: We want Revis -- unless we don't

After three weeks of reading and hearing about unscheduled meetings that didn't take place, their reported desire to ship Darrelle Revis out of town and "hot" trade talks with the Bucs, the Jets got their say Sunday night at the NFL meetings in Phoenix.

Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis

#24 CB
New York Jets

2012 STATS

  • Tot11
  • Solo8
  • Ast3
  • FF1
  • Sack0.0
  • Int1

With the national media hanging on every word, owner Woody Johnson and GM John Idzik let the world know they're operating under the assumption that Revis will be with the Jets in 2013. They said they'd "love" to have Revis on the team, but Johnson emphasized "it's not just one player" that makes a team, adding they'd trade any player "to make the team better."

Translation: Revis can be had at the right price.

Folks, this is posturing in its purest form. It's coming from both sides. In the Jets' case, their objective is to convince the rest of the league they're not interested in a trade. Why would they tip their hand? Johnson went so far as to say he'd consider a long-term contract extension for Revis if they believe it's in the best interest of the team, insisting it's "patently untrue" that he's reluctant to commit a long-term deal.

Didn't the Vikings say they didn't want to trade Percy Harvin?

Some of Johnson's comments sounded scripted. Asked if he's tired of Revis' contract demands, he said, "I'll never get tired of a great player." Asked if he wants Revis back, he replied, "Do I want Darrelle back? He never left." Idzik didn't say as much as Johnson, although he offered this: Refuting reports that said he's had no contact with the Revis camp, Idzik said, "I've talked to the agents."

They can spin it any way they want, but here's what I believe to be true: Johnson is philosophically opposed to giving $16 million a year to a non-quarterback -- especially when the team is in rebuilding mode. My hunch is the Jets will let this play out until the draft in late April, letting Revis continue his knee rehab. The draft is the first genuine pressure point. At that time, the Jets will have to make a decision on whether to take the best offer or play it out to the season.