Jets in no rush to make a deal

A week ago, Darrelle Revis was supposedly a goner. Now there are reports that the Bucs' interest in him is cooling. So which is it?

The word I'm getting from the NFL meetings in Phoenix is that Jets GM John Idzik is in no rush to make a trade and that he's willing to let it play out until after the draft. Why wait?

The Jets are on a long-term rebuilding plan, and Idzik apparently isn't married to the idea of having immediate draft-pick compensation -- if he decides to move his best player, which is what many expect to happen. He's telling people he'd be content to wait for 2014 compensation, when he could use an extra No. 1 pick (and maybe other picks) to maneuver for a quarterback.

Of course, if the Bucs make him an offer he can't refuse, Idzik would pull the trigger now. The sense, though, is that he'll let it play out, waiting for Revis' surgically repaired knee to heal and perhaps hoping another team enters the fray to create a bidding war.

The risk is that the Bucs will bow out and no other serious suitors will step up. Broncos exec John Elway said Tuesday he has no interest in trading for Revis, and the 49ers reportedly feel the same way -- two teams linked to a potential trade.

Right now, it's all about the Bucs. Now, this twist: There are rumblings the Bucs are frustrated by the slow-moving Jets and losing interest, and that they're prepared to shift their focus to free-agent CB Brent Grimes.

Brent Grimes? Does anybody really believe the Bucs expect Grimes to save their league-worst pass defense? He's not even close to a healthy Revis. The way the cornerback market has plunged, the Bucs could sign Grimes and trade for Revis. The Grimes stuff is just a well-placed leak in an attempt to rattle the Jets.

League sources believe the Revis camp wants to get this done ASAP. Revis knows the Bucs are willing to pay what he wants on a new contract (or in the neighborhood) and he sees them as a team with potential. He'd also be only a few hours from his home in South Florida. But, really, it's about the money. If the Bucs pull out, will anybody else step up to satisfy Revis?

That's the fear for Revis. And, to a lesser extent, the Jets, too.