Pace says he's "full go"

Calvin Pace thinks he will be ready to go Monday night against the Vikings. Asked to put the percentage on odds he be on the field, he laughed and said 91.5 percent.

“God willing Monday it’s back to normal,” Pace said.

The Jets linebacker broke his foot in the Jets third preseason game, and had surgery to put a screw in the bone. He said he might have been able to play last week against the Bills, but decided to give it a long week and full time to heal.

“I just decided it would be best to give it one more week to heal up,” Pace. “I just felt I wasn’t ready to play in the game all the way around.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan said he felt Pace and CB Darrelle Revis would be ready to play Monday against the Vikings, and they can use the two defensive player knowing they will face a new Vikings wide receiver in Randy Moss.

Although his coaches might want him to ease back in rather than play a full game, Pace said he didn’t want to be held back or count reps.

“I’m full go, no turning back now,” Pace said. “I think the reps are actually going to help me.”