Tebow gives pep talk to Shockers

Tim Tebow didn't get to enjoy too many victory celebrations last season with the Jets, so he has to take advantage of them whenever he can. On Sunday, he jumped on the Wichita State bandwagon ... er, make that the team bus.

While his plane reportedly was refueling at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport, the Jets' backup quarterback passed the time during his layover by delivering a pep talk to the Shockers, who had just returned from their shocking victory over Gonzaga, a No. 1 seed, in the NCAA tournament.

"Some of you might go play in the NBA, you might have great lives, but this is the time you'll remember," Tebow said over a microphone. "All of you all together, ballin' out there together, training together, putting in the heart and the sweat, everything, caring about each other. You'll never forget, guys, this is what it's made of and these are the special times in your life, regardless of what you do in the future.

"So I just want to say congrats. You're an inspiration to so many people, so always remember that and how you carry yourself and your character, how you represent your school, your family, your team, your brothers on the team, but also, man, just go out there and ball out, leave nothing on the court. I know you don't need to hear that from me, but I just wish y'all luck and we're praying for you. God bless, and y'all go do it, all right, guys?"

Wichita TV station KSN posted a video of the Tebow speech on its website.

Tebow was known for giving motivational speeches during his legendary college career at Florida. This particular message, he told the Wichita State players, was similar to the one he gave at halftime of the 2008 BCS Championship Game. With the Jets, he probably spent his halftimes wondering why he wasn't playing.