No fooling: Prepare for a wild month

It's April 1, and we're not fooling when we tell you this could be one of the most eventful months in recent Jets history. A chronological preview of what might occur:

April 15: Off-season program begins. Ordinarily, this is a relatively ho-hum date on the football calendar, but the Jets have two high-profile players under contract -- Darrelle Revis and Tim Tebow -- whose futures with the team are uncertain. Will they show or will they stay away, knowing their days as Jets could be numbered?

Technically, the workouts are voluntary (there's no penalty for skipping), but if often illustrates the mindset of a player if he doesn't show. Revis has a $1 million workout bonus, but he can afford to miss a few because the bonus is triggered with an 83-percent attendance rate. He has been training and rehabbing his surgically repaired knee in Arizona. It's not in Tebow's makeup to skip team activities, but there has to be some frustration, a feeling that he's being strung along by the Jets.

April 22-25: Revis trade winds. The Jets-Bucs trade chatter has been quiet recently, but it'll perk up as we get closer to the April 25 draft. There's still a good chance this trade gets done, but it likely won't be an on-the-clock deal. The Bucs would need time to negotiate a contract (that won't take long) and give Revis a physical exam to check out his knee. There's considerable risk in trading for someone coming off ACL surgery, and you'd think the Bucs would want their doctors to see the knee up-close.

April 25: Draft day, Round 1: The Jets own the ninth pick and -- who knows? -- perhaps the 13th pick if they can extract that from the Bucs. With nine and 13, they could fill two of their many needs. The drama will build if West Virginia QB Geno Smith falls to nine, which seems likely with the Bills (No. 8) signing Kevin Kolb, the Raiders (No. 3) trying to trade for Matt Flynn and the Cards (No. 7) waiting in the weeds for Carson Palmer. If the Jets pick a quarterback at No. 9, or even one in the second round (No. 39), it would be a franchise-altering move.

April 27, Rounds 4-7: The Jets figure to step up their efforts to trade Tebow, hoping for a late-round draft pick. If they can't deal him during the draft, it'll probably mark the end of Tebow Time in New York.