Tebow excluded from musical QBs

No fewer than 14 quarterbacks have changed teams this offseason, with four projected starters and 10 No. 2s in that group. Matt Flynn, Colt McCoy and Carson Palmer (reportedly close to being dealt to the Cards) are the latest. Of the 14, only two have won a playoff game -- Matt Hasselbeck and Alex Smith.

Nobody, it appears, wants Tim Tebow, who has a playoff win and an 8-6 record as a starter. The Jets are shopping Tebow, but they can't find a taker. Obviously, his shortcomings as a passer are a big reason, but the entire New York debacle has tarnished his reputation. It's like he's radioactive and no one wants to get near him, which is what happens when you put a limited, over-hyped quarterback in the biggest media market. Nice guy, though.

Some personnel types felt the 49ers would've been a logical landing spot for Tebow, backing up Colin Kaepernick and being able to run the read-option, but they traded Monday for McCoy. So much for that.

Other potential fits? The Seahawks need a backup. Pete Carroll is down to one quarterback, Russell Wilson, joking Monday on Twitter that Seattle oldies Jim Zorn and Dave Krieg are trying out. Carroll called Tebow a first-round talent before the 2010 draft, but he recently told the New York Daily News that Tebow was a "major distraction" for Mark Sanchez. Don't bet on Tebow showing up in Seattle.

Chicago? The Jets' former quarterbacks coach, Matt Cavanaugh, has the same position with the Bears. Sorry, but it's hard to imagine Jay Cutler being cool with the idea of coming off the field for a handful of plays. Tebow's former coach with the Broncos, Josh McDaniels, is the Patriots' offensive coordinator. Tom Brady's backups are Ryan Mallett and Mike Kafka, neither of whom is entrenched. Bill Belichick probably could figure out a way to use Tebow, but he'd have to decide if it's worth the baggage that comes along with him.

The Bucs are an interesting team. Josh Freeman is the incumbent, but he's heading into the final year of his contract. His backups are Dan Orlovsky and Adam Weber. Tebow would be a huge draw in the state of Florida. Hey -- who knows? -- maybe the Jets are holding on to Tebow to include him in a Darrelle Revis package.

Here are the 14 quarterbacks who changed teams. As you can see, it's hardly a "Who's Who?"

Projected starters: Flynn (Raiders/trade), Kevin Kolb (Bills/free agent), Palmer (Cards/proposed trade) and Smith (Chiefs/trade).

Likely No. 2s: Jason Campbell (Browns/free agent), Matt Cassel (Vikings/free agent), Chase Daniel (Chiefs/free agent), Ryan Fitzpatrick (Titans/free agent), Bruce Gradkowski (Steelers/free agent), Hasselbeck (Colts/free agent), Josh Johnson (Bengals/free agent), Luke McCown (Saints/free agent), McCoy (49ers/trade) and Drew Stanton (Cards/free agent).