Rewind: A look back at the 215th pick

The Jets own seven selections in the upcoming draft. Here's a look back at the recent history with each slot, starting at the bottom.

The Picks:

Round 1 -- 9th overall

Round 2 -- 39th overall

Round 3 -- 72nd overall

Round 4 -- 106th overall

Round 5 -- 141st overall

Round 6 -- 178th overall

Round 7 -- 215th overall

The last three drafts, 215th overall:

2012: Keeston Randall, DT, Dolphins (Texas)

2011: D'Aundra Reed, DE, Vikings (Arizona)

2010: Jeremy Ware, DB, Raiders (Michigan State)

Analysis: The bottom of the draft is where the scouts really earn their money, trying to uncover hidden gems. There are no gems among this group, although Randall and Reed still have jobs with the teams that drafted them. Randall played in 12 games last season in a reserve role, recording eight tackles. Ware already is out of the league. The Jets had two seventh-round picks last year, S Antonio Allen and WR Jordan White, both of whom remain on the roster. But, hey, you never know what might happen in the seventh. The Rams found RB Daryl Richardson (475 rushing yards) with the next-to-last pick. With Steven Jackson gone, Richardson is a likely starter.