Draft rewind: A look back at the 141st pick

The Jets own seven selections in the upcoming draft. Here's a look back at the recent history with each slot, focusing on the fifth round:

The Picks:

Round 1 -- 9th overall

Round 2 -- 39th overall

Round 3 -- 72nd overall

Round 4 -- 106th overall

Round 5 -- 141st overall

Round 6 -- 178th overall

Round 7 -- 215th overall

The last three drafts, the 141st pick:

2012: Adam Gettis, G, Redskins (Iowa)

2011: D.J. Williams, TE, Packers (Arkansas)

2010: Joshua Moore, DB, Bears (Kansas State)

Analysis: The most recent selections at 141 don't inspire a lot of confidence, as all three are fringe players. Gettis didn't appear in any games last season, Williams has nine career receptions and Moore already is on his second team, the Broncos. But research shows that gems can be found in the fifth round. In 2011, the Seahawks drafted Darrelle Revis' least favorite cornerback, Richard Sherman. In 2010, the fifth round produced Seahawks S Kam Chancellor and Chiefs CB Kendrick Lewis. In 2011, the Jets found WR Jeremy Kerley. Some teams have only 150 draftable players on their board, so, in some cases, we're getting down to the border between draftable player and priority free agent.