Jets look petty in Revis dispute

Takeaways from the Darrelle Revis dispute with the Jets over his participation in the offseason program:

1. More than anything, it demonstrates how much the relationship has deteriorated. If the two sides are squabbling over -- what? -- six or eight offseason workouts, how can anyone expect them to sit around a bargaining table and agree on a contract? They won't, and the Jets don't seem willing to try. They come off looking petty in this whole situation, enforcing technicalities in the contract and ignoring the spirit.

2. To me, this shows the Jets have no intention of maintaining a long-term relationship with Revis. If they were planning to keep him, they would've given him his space, granting his request for another couple of weeks of knee rehab in Arizona. But, no, they're squeezing him until the bitter end, perhaps as payback for years of contract-induced headaches.

3. This isn't about Revis wanting to avoid the Jets' doctors. He has no problem flying to New Jersey for a physical and knee checkup, on or about April 15 (which is the start of the offseason program), according to sources. But he'd like to get back on the plane and return to Arizona, where he'd rehab for another 10 days to two weeks. By then, the draft will be over and he could be an ex-Jet.

4. Right now, Revis feels comfortable with his personal trainers in Arizona. Here's something you didn't know: His rehab in Arizona was supposed to begin last November, so he rented a place in the Phoenix area, but he postponed it until January because his post-surgical rehab with Jets trainer John Mellody was going so well, sources said. The place in Arizona stayed empty for a couple of months. Revis believes in a comfort zone, wherever that may be.

5. If the Jets retain Revis through the draft, it'll set up a training camp soap opera. Could he pull a Pete Kendall, becoming the proverbial squeaky wheel with the hope of forcing a trade? Even though he's scheduled to make only $3 million in base pay, Revis knows he can't hold out, not after major knee surgery. So maybe he'll try the non-holdout approach to getting what he wants: Become a pain in the rear. Heck, he may have already started with that tactic.