Draft rewind: A look back at the 106th pick

The Jets own seven selections in the upcoming draft. Here's a look back at the recent history with each slot, focusing on the fourth round:

The Picks:

Round 1 -- 9th overall

Round 2 -- 39th overall

Round 3 -- 72nd overall

Round 4 -- 106th overall

Round 5 -- 141st overall

Round 6 -- 178th overall

Round 7 -- 215th overall

The last three drafts, the 106th pick

2012: Robert Turbin, RB, Seahawks (Utah State)

2011: Christian Ballard, DT, Vikings (Iowa)

2010: Bruce Campbell, OT, Raiders (Maryland)

Analysis: Good drafting teams should have no trouble finding talent in the fourth round. Turbin was a solid choice and could develop into a productive player. He rushed for 354 yards as a rookie, behind Marshawn Lynch. Both Ballard and Campbell were projected to go much higher, but they slipped to the fourth round -- and now we know why. We're talking about a couple of backups. The Raiders gave up on Campbell after only two seasons, trading him to the Panthers for RB Mike Goodson, whom the Jets recently signed. Historically, the Jets have enjoyed success in the fourth round. Last year, of course, they didn't have a fourth-round pick. They traded it for some guy named Tebow.