Jets don't owe Revis a dime if ...

Clarifying some money matters with Darrelle Revis:

Previously, it was believed the Jets were on the hook for the $1 million roster bonus he "earned" on March 17. Remember all the attention it received that day, with stories about Revis collecting another $1 million from Woody Johnson's bank account? Turns out the Jets aren't responsible for the $1 million if they trade him before the regular season, according to sources. His new team (the Bucs?) would be required to make that payment.

As a matter of fact, Revis' entire 2013 compensation ($3 million in base salary, plus $3 million in three separate bonuses) would transfer to his new team. That, of course, would minimize the cap hit for the Jets, although not by much. If they trade him before June 1, the Jets would have a $12 million cap charge in 2013. Previously, it was thought to be $13 million. Right now, his cap number is $9 million.

There are only two ways in which the Jets would have to pay the $1 million roster bonus: They retain Revis or they cut him.

In the big picture, the money isn't big enough to influence whether he gets traded or not. The feeling here is that Revis will be dealt to the Bucs before the draft. The Bucs are willing to offer first-, third- and sixth-round picks, according to a Yahoo! Sports report, which quotes unnamed sources saying the Bucs are becoming impatient.

In that respect, Jets GM John Idzik is playing his hand correctly. Why would he trade Revis two weeks before the draft? He's probably waiting to see if another suitor emerges, creating a bidding war. The Bucs might be getting impatient, but they have no other viable alternatives at cornerback.