Draft rewind: A look back at the 39th pick

The Jets own seven selections in the upcoming draft. Here's a look back at the recent history with each slot, focusing on the second round:

The Picks:

Round 1 -- 9th overall

Round 2 -- 39th overall

Round 3 -- 72nd overall

Round 4 -- 106th overall

Round 5 -- 141st overall

Round 6 -- 178th overall

Round 7 -- 215th overall

The last three drafts, the 39th pick:

2012: Janoris Jenkins, CB, Rams (North Alabama)

2011: Akeem Ayers, LB, Titans (UCLA)

2010: Arrelious Benn, WR, Bucs (llinois)

Analysis: Considering their number of needs, the Jets should be able to find an immediate starter with the 39th pick, especially in this draft. It lacks star power, but it's a fairly deep draft. A year ago, Jenkins dropped because of off-the-field issues. The Rams took a chance on Jenkins, who responded with a terrific rookie year (three TD returns on interceptions). Ayers hasn't displayed as much upside as Jenkins, but he has been a solid, two-year starter. Benn, on the other hand, has underachieved. Some scouts say second-round picks are "but" players, as in: They could be a first-rounder, but ... It's up to scouting departments to determine the big buts from the little buts -- or something like that.