Bird brains? Rex rips Orioles

UPDATE: Orioles manager Buck Showalter fired back Friday afternoon when asked about Rex Ryan's comments.

"I think I'd be a little more concerned about Nov. 24, when the Jets come here, and trying to figure out a way to beat the Ravens. Wouldn't you?" Showalter said. "I think that would be a little bit more of a challenge.

"I try to stay out of things I don't know about. Like I don't know about the NFL schedule and NFL challenges. So that would be my advice. I would stay in what is my area of supposed expertise."

Rex Ryan was Raven mad when the NFL schedule was released Thursday night -- mad that the Orioles didn't surrender a home game that would've allowed the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens to open at home, Sept. 5.

"I think as a fan of football I see that first game where Baltimore is away against Denver,” said Ryan, who spent 10 seasons as a Ravens assistant coach before coming to the Jets in 2009. “I certainly understand that is going to be a great game, but for the Ravens not opening at home ... I understand the Orioles are playing a game at home. Well, who really cares? You’ve got 81 of those things at home. Maybe you could have done the right thing and given one up and played 82 on the road and only 80 at home."

The Super Bowl champs traditionally opens the NFL season with a home game. In Baltimore, the Ravens and Orioles play in adjacent stadiums and share a parking lot. The Orioles refused to adjust.

“I really don’t think people are going to care about that game," said Ryan, meaning the Orioles. "You have a chance to have the defending world champs open up the season at home where they rightfully should. I think that’s unfortunate."