How the Jets attacked the Vikings

With WR Santonio Holmes in the lineup for the first time, the New York Jets figured to use more three-receiver packages than usual, but that's not how it turned out Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings. The proportion wasn't tremendously out of whack with the first four games of the season. The two RB/1 TE/2 WR grouping remained the No. 1-used package.

Here's an unofficial breakdown of the personnel groupings, based on our press-box tally:

2 RBs/1 TE/2 WRs -- 31/78 snaps

1 RB/1 TE/3 WRs -- 26/78

1 RB/2 TEs/2 WRs -- 11/78

2 RBs/2 TEs/1 WR -- 5/78

Other -- 5/78