Not all went right for Jets

Amid all that went right for the New York Jets on Monday night in a 29-20 win over the Vikings, Rex Ryan said there was a number of things that went wrong.

Luckily for Ryan's team, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre and his late interception played a role in getting New York to 4-1, but the Jets will need to correct a few things looking forward to Denver.

It was 22-20 with 2:08 left in the gam, when Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez opted to throw on second down, stopping the clock. Another incomplete pass on third down with 2:04 and the Jet punted with 1:56 to play, plenty of time for the Vikings to get into position for a game-winning field goal.

"[Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer] and I talked about that today," Sanchez said on ESPN 1050's Michael Kay Show, "and he said the same thing -- we've got to wait on the snap."

Not only did Sanchez not see the problem on the field, but he didn't get instruction from Schottenheimer or Ryan.

"That’s one of the situations where [Schottenheimer] said he's going to remind me," said Sanchez, but he added that he has been in the league long enough to recognize the situation.

There were other issues on the field as well, such as the inability to get a touchdown in the first half despite repeated trips to the red zone. Players like Dustin Keller seemed relieved that the little problems didn't morph into larger ones.

"We pulled this one off, we actually got the victory," Keller said Monday night, "but then we'll get the film and make all those corrections and be good for Sunday."

Ryan and a few players noted that Dwight Lowery's interception for a 26-yard touchdown was a great moment, but in terms of strategy the team would have better served if he had taken a knee and the offense could have run out the clock. Instead, Favre again got the ball in his hands with 90 seconds on the clock.

"If you intercept a flat you generally are taking it to the house, and nobody will be able to stop you, it’s instinctive," Ryan said. "... But we call that get-down victory."

Ryan added that they instruct a defensive player to get down in order to avoid a game-losing fumble or some other mishap. In Lowery's case however, the touchdown sealed the game.

Which seemed to be the story of the game. The biggest mistakes in the Jets-Vikings game were on the other side of the field.