Scouts' take on Milliner, Richardson

In recent weeks, and again after the first round, I talked to several personnel types on a number of players, including CB Dee Milliner and DT Sheldon Richardson. Here's a compilation of opinions:

On Milliner: "I wouldn't hesitate taking him in the top 10, even top five. He's a great kid. He works his (butt) off. ... He's not a shutdown corner, but he's real smart. He can make all the calls and adjustments. When [Nick] Saban says, 'I really like this guy,' you can take it to the bank. ... He'll have a delayed offseason (because of shoulder surgery), but I think he'll be ready to go for the preseason. There are some medical concerns, but I think he's been cleared by most teams. ... He's not [Darrelle] Revis. He's a good player, but I don't think he's a great player. I'd predict he starts over Kyle Wilson. He's a solid starter, but not a Pro-Bowl talent."

On Richardson: "Everybody in our organization liked him as a player. We had a first-round grade on him. ... There are some off-the-field issues, just attitude and maturity in his interviews. He didn't always get along with his coaches. ... He's really quick and strong. He has long arms and he plays from sideline to sideline. ... He's versatile. He can play in a couple different spots on the defensive line. ... We liked him, but he's kind of a goof ball. We had concerns about his work habits. ... So where does this guy play in that front? ... He's a junior-college kid [College of Sequoias, Calif.]. There are maturity, leadership and consistency concerns."