What's next for Tebow? Patriots?

Soon after arriving last spring, Tim Tebow, in casual conversation with reporters, revealed he had changed the name of his dog, a Rhodesian ridgeback, to fit his new city. The dog, known as "Bronco" in Denver, became known as "Bronx."

Is there a new name in the dog's future?

Tebow, released Monday in a long-anticipated move by the Jets, is a free agent. Where will he end up? Will he find a job in the NFL? Just a hunch here, but I wouldn't be shocked if he landed with the Patriots. A few reasons:

His former Broncos coach, Josh McDaniels, is the offensive coordinator. The Patriots showed interest in Tebow before the 2010 draft; he and Bill Belichick went to dinner in Boston during a visit to the Patriots. If anyone can figure out how to deploy Tebow, it's Belichick, who loves guys like Tebow -- hard-working and passionate about football. And last, but not least, Belichick would love to stick it to the Jets, showing them -- and the world -- he can make it work. There wouldn't be a quarterback controversy, not with Tom Brady there.

Someone who knows Tebow told me recently the Jets were afraid to cut him because they were concerned he'd end up in New England. Frankly, I don't think that's why they waited so long -- they waited through the draft to see if they could trade him -- but it wouldn't surprise me if the Patriots scenario has entered the minds of some folks at One Jets Drive.

If Tebow lands with the Patriots, would he change the dog's name again? Three possibilities: "Belichick." "Brady." "Brockton."

The CFL has been floated as a possibility, mostly by media and CFL types. The Montreal Alouettes own his rights. GM Jim Popp told TSN.com Monday morning that he'd be open to acquiring Tebow, but he wouldn't come in as a starter.

"If he wants to come to Canada he would be in the same situation as the one he was in with New York," Popp said. "He can come here and compete to be the backup to Anthony Calvillo and learn the game, just like Jeff Garcia did (behind Doug Flutie). And one day he might be the guy; that's our vision. He can learn from the best."