Idzik: No pressure to play Geno

Quarterback Geno Smith will get his chance to compete for the Jets' starting job. AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg

GM John Idzik, a guest Wednesday morning on SiriusXM NFL Radio, said the organization will be patient with rookie QB Geno Smith.

"We don't feel like there's any pressure to get him in there right away, especially with the cast of quarterbacks we have in the competition," Idzik said.

Some of the pressure is alleviated because Smith is a second-round pick, not a first-rounder, but he's still a high-profile addition on a team desperate for a quarterback answer. Make no mistake, when Smith is ready to play, he'll play.

Idzik addressed a few other topics:

Mark Sanchez's future: Idzik claimed that Sanchez's huge guarantee ($8.25 million base) will have no bearing on whether he's on the team. "We take finances out of it," he said. We all know that finances play an important role in personnel decisions, although it bears noting that Idzik came from a team -- the Seahawks -- that sat Matt Flynn last season despite $9 million in guarantees.

Roll Tide: Idzik said CB Dee Milliner was an "extraordinary pick" at No. 9. "Unfortunately, I think it's inevitable ... that he'll be [compared to Darrelle Revis]. Dee will be his own player, a very good player. Darrelle will be Darrelle."

St. Booo: Idzik said he wasn't surprised or bummed out when the Rams traded ahead of the Jets, picking WR Tavon Austin at No. 8. Austin and Milliner were the top two players on the Jets' draft board. "I wouldn't call it disappointing," Idzik said. "We had an inclination St. Louis was interested in him and perhaps they would want to get ahead of us in fear we would take him. We were happy with Dee. Quite frankly, we were surprised Dee was there at nine. We were elated to choose him." Chances are they would've taken Austin over Milliner if they had the choice.

Multiple fronts: The addition of first-round DT Sheldon Richardson provides more flexibility, which will allow the Jets to play more 4-3 fronts. "We're not locked into a traditional 3-4 front," Idzik said.