Welcome to New York, Geno

Geno Smith has been taking a lot of heat for various transgressions, sourced and anonymous, real and perceived. The always illuminating Ashley Fox has detailed why that matters in her most recent column for ESPN.com.

In one regard, Smith got drafted to the wrong team. The recently dysfunctional Jets are under a microscope, particularly at the quarterback spot. Smith may have some time to develop but certainly not in anonymity. He will have to learn to gracefully respond to pointed questions about embattled former starter Mark Sanchez and veteran David Garrard. Smith’s responses will be tweeted and parsed.

The fact remains that Smith has yet to lace up his cleats in green and white. And until he does, conclusions about his work ethic and abilities are premature. Yes, he has to be ready for the scrutiny, but he also should have the opportunity to actually contribute before being picked apart.