Not since Tom Brady's Uggs ...

AP Photo/Rich Schultz

Another year, another Jets quarterback competition. With so many familiar storylines coming out of the locker room this spring, it not a surprise that the item getting the majority of the criticism in the wake of the Jets’ media availability yesterday may have been Mark Sanchez’s headband.

He had an explanation for the item, which couldn’t be ignored.

“It’s my inner soccer player deal,” Sanchez said. “My hair is getting long. I’m going to donate it at some point if I can last. We’ll see.”

Judging from the Twitter reaction, which was swift and scathing, Sanchez really can’t do anything right anymore. The item soon had its own Twitter account and blogs used photos tweeted by reporters to offer their own commentary. And plenty of people added their own two cents.

“Mark Sanchez: the lime green headband does NOT flatter you,” tweeted @ChristyLabreche. “Please go back to your old do. That is all.”

Not since Tom Brady wore Uggs has so much attention been given to a quarterback’s choice of accessory.

A good chunk of the tweets expressed incredulity that an item of clothing small enough to fit in the pocket of a pair of skinny jeans really warranted this much attention from fans and the media.

“Is Mark Sanchez's headband really making this big of a headline? #seriously #stupid,” tweeted @vitalddesires.

And that seems to be a fitting place to leave it.