Draft close-up: FB Tommy Bohanon

QB Geno Smith wasn't the only player drafted by the Jets, you know. They made six other selections, including two in the first round. In advance of this weekend's rookie minicamp, we'll post a mini-profile on each player, including highlights from his post-draft comments. Here you go:

Player: Tommy Bohanon, seventh round

School: Wake Forest

Position: Fullback

Projected impact: The Jets are hoping this "T-Bo" contributes more than the last "Tebow." Bohanon's main competition is incumbent FB Lex Hilliard, but his ability to play H-Back will help his chances of making the team. Obviously, Bohanon will have to make a niche for himself on special teams.


On his versatility and how he feels he'll fit in: "I think that I'll be able to [fit] in well. I think that's one of my strong suits, my versatility, and being able to block, run, as well as catch the ball out of the backfield. I think the West Coast offense suits me well, and I think that I'll be able to come in and do well in that type of offense."

On if he has any experience as a tight end: "Yes, I played some tight end at Wake this past year. Like I said, I played H-back and I played on-the-line tight end, so I have experience in that, and I believe that I can do that if I'm asked to do that as well."

On if he thought the NFL was a possibility coming out of high school: "It was always my dream and it was always a possibility to me. I mean, I've seen plenty of people ... I mean, Deion Sanders went to my high school, so I thought throughout my life with people in the NFL from Fort Myers, I knew it was a possibility. I just knew I had to work hard to be able to get to it."

On if he is better than Deion Sanders: "Not at all" (laughing).

On what type of offense he played at Wake Forest: "My first three years, I would say was more of a pro-style, multiple offense where there was '21' personnel [two backs, one tight end], there was '11,' [one back, one tight end] and there was '10' [one back, four receivers]. There was definitely multiple offenses. I think there was a pro-style offense my first three years, and this past year it was more like a spread type, more [of a] college offense."