Tebow splits his hometown

Question: Can a team and a city have a legitimate quarterback controversy if the quarterback sparking the controversy isn't on the roster?

Well, yeah, it's happening in Jacksonville. The quarterback, of course, is Tim Tebow, formerly of the Jets.

A booster club called Bold City Brigade, irked by the lobbying efforts of two factions that want the Jaguars to sign Tebow, has countered with a website called Evenifhesreleased.com. BCB is "inspired to counter anything or anyone that chooses to attack or spread ignorance about our fan base," said John Caputo, president of BCB.

Obviously, this is a reponse to a recent attempted petition on the White House's website and an ad by an Orlando lawyer, both of which pushed for Tebow in Jacksonville. Tebow grew up in Jacksonville and is revered in the state of Florida, but new Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell made it clear in his introductory news conference in January he has no desire to acquire Tebow.

"Even if he's released," Caldwell said at the time, when Tebow was on the Jets' roster.

Hence, the name of the website.

This is a remarkable phenomenon. Jacksonville has turned into a mini-Washington D.C., with pro-Tebow and anti-Tebow lobbying groups using the media and digital media to convey their conflicting agendas.

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