Will Jets defense miss Revis?

Writer Matt Bowen has this piece about the Jets and why they will be fine without cornerback Darrelle Revis. The premise is that coach Rex Ryan’s defensive schemes are about outsmarting an offense rather than being based on matchups.

The Jets may be fine without Revis. Antonio Cromartie played well last season after Revis was hurt, but I’d argue that Revis brought more to the team than his ability to cover. If Ryan’s schemes were so effective, the Jets might have done better defensively than they did last season, when Ryan was pretty disappointed with the unit’s performance. As it was, the Jets defense was 20th in the NFL.

Without Revis, the Jets still have Cromartie, Kyle Wilson, Dee Milliner and a few other options. The team could do well with that. But corner is one spot that is often about matchups.

Revis was a lot more to the Jets than a cog. He had the kind of talent and anticipation that allowed for more creativity when it came to scheme -- because the opponent’s best receiver could be essentially nullified. But Bowen makes an interesting argument for the Jets' ability to compensate for trading Revis.