Kris Jenkins returns to Jets practice

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- With his left leg secured under a soft sleeve and a black brace, Kris Jenkins made it onto the practice field Friday, five weeks after his season ended when he tore his ACL against the Ravens.

After undergoing patella and hamstring grafts, Jenkins said he started rehabilitating a few days later so that he can attempt a comeback next season.

"You can't stop," Jenkins said. "You can't sit out once you get a knee done."

Jenkins has been talking publicly about his decision, which he came to after talking to his wife about the energy he would need to pour into his second comeback in two years. He has struggled with his weight and his health throughout his career, and ultimately decided he's not going out like this.

"The amount of adversity that I've been in throughout the course of my life has been tremendous," Jenkins said. "And I don't want to cap it off with more adversity, I want to cap it off in a way that I can at least look back and smile upon. I've taken a lot of time to become the man that I am, I want to celebrate that as I leave this game."

Jenkins has been at the Jets' practice facility, but he hasn't come into the locker room during the team's media availability. He made light of the fact he'd been scarce.

"I didn't want to get emotional from the camera or anything [if] I was having some sensitive moment," Jenkins said.

On a day when Darrelle Revis admitted he had been cited for careless driving, Jenkins alluded to the fact that the Jets have had more than their fair share of off-the-field issues this season. In fact, Jenkins' last day at Jets practice was the day a reporter from TV Azteca arrived, and the way some players reacted resulted in a league-wide program on professionalism in the workplace.

"It's a fun locker room," Jenkins said. "I know it's been under a lot of scrutiny in the last couple of weeks, but you have to understand that we have a great group of guys."