Geno got in 'trouble' for playoff talk

A few seconds after being drafted by the Jets, Geno Smith did an on-camera interview and predicted a playoff appearance. He's not sorry he said it, but that was his last Joe Namath moment, he claimed.

"I've already gotten in trouble for saying some things about playoffs and things, which I don't regret," Smith said Sunday on SiriusXM Radio, speaking from the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles. "I don't think I'll go as far as being as bold as Joe was."

The rookie QB said the media scrutiny in New York has been "eye opening." Smith suggested the media created the "diva" perception in an effort to generate headlines.

"I don't think I'm a bad guy," he said. "I don't think I'm some of the things they try to make me out to be. It's a part of the media. The one thing that I understand is you can't take it personally. Those guys have jobs and the key to their jobs is to sell papers and to keep the fans looking. So they're going to spin things and try to make an interesting story out of something that may not be so interesting."

The media didn't fire Smith's agents; he did that by himself, triggering negative publicity. Smith indicated he's close to hiring new representation. He reportedly met with Jay-Z of Roc Nation, which presumably would handle his marketing.

"I did some interviews with some really good candidates," he said. "I kind of started making that decision in my head. [I] obviously had camp, so I didn't really worry about it. I have plenty of time, don't really need to rush it. I've kind of been talking things over with my family and advisers and coming down to a decision pretty close here."