Geno: Jay-Z didn't recruit me

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Rookie QB Geno Smith said Thursday that he has no concerns regarding the NFLPA's investigation into Jay-Z's involvement in his decision to choose the rap star's fledgling agency, Roc Nation Sports, to represent him.

"Jay-Z didn’t recruit me," Smith told reporters after an OTA practice. "I chose Roc Nation Sports for management because it was something that myself and my family came to a conclusion and we felt comfortable with. And I’m happy to be a part of it. Here, I’m here to talk about football. That’s life outside of football, and what I do in this locker room and on that field is what matters now."

The NFLPA is investigating whether Jay-Z violated the so-called "runner" rule. He's a non-certified agent, and non-certified agents aren't allowed to recruit players to a particular agency. Jay-Z won't handle Smith's contract negotiations; that will fall to Kimberly Miale, a previously little-known certified agent hired recently by Roc Nation Sports.

Smith fired his original representation after the NFL draft, interviewing several established agents before becoming the first NFL player in Roc Nation's small stable of professional athletes. A few days before signing with Roc Nation, Smith tweeted a photo of himself and Jay-Z, visual evidence that certainly seems to poke a hole in the "he-didn't-recruit-me" claim.