QB coach: Simms has best arm on Jets

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- The most valuable piece of advice Matt Simms ever got from his dad?

“Don’t throw it to the other team.”

It means a little bit more when you know his dad is Giants legend Phil Simms. But pedigree or no pedigree, Matt got a bump Wednesday from new Jets quarterback coach David Lee. This is the second offseason Simms has been with the team, and this year he is third behind Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith as they compete for the starting spot.

“Matt Simms, you guys see it,” Lee said. “The guy’s got a cannon for an arm. He’s got the best arm of the four, he’s just so inconsistent with his accuracy. If his accuracy was better, he’d be thicker in the hunt.”

Told about the comments, Simms said the first part was a nice compliment, especially given the caliber of all four quarterbacks, including Greg McElroy. As for the accuracy, he’s working on it.

“It’s tough to evaluate right now with the limited amount of reps,” Simms said, “but [you’ve] just got to go out there every day and improve at the little things.”

Simms likes working with Lee, who he said is completely honest. “Tells you the truth no matter what, even if it hurts.”

Last season, after he was cut on the last possible day, Simms helped by coaching quarterbacks at nearby Bergen Catholic High School. It kept him in the game until he could get his second stint here with the Jets. Given the playing and the coaching and his family tree, does Simms see his future in football, even if it’s not at quarterback?

“Yeah, that’s definitely been one of a few options that I’ve gone through in my head,” Simms said. “But I don’t want to think about that stuff too much right now because as soon as you start thinking ahead, it’s over. So I’ve just got to focus on right now and hanging here and doing my best with this coaching staff and improving as a football player.”