Geno finally addresses Jets West

Geno Smith, addressing the "Jets West" controversy for the first time since he blew off Mark Sanchez's passing camp in SoCal, told the Ochocinco News Network (I can't believe I just typed that) that he and Sanchez are "cool. There's no hard feelings or anything."

The rookie quarterback, who will battle Sanchez for the starting job, also suggested the media blew his absence out of proportion.

"They got to create a hot story," he said. "They got to keep the fans interested, so they're going to put whatever they want out there."

Wait a second. Yes, the story probably was overplayed, but Smith contributed to that by not being straight with the media last month, when he said he was looking forward to Jets West -- one day after a series of cryptic no-comments on the subject. It smelled fishy at the time, and it turned out to be just that -- a fish story.

I don't blame Smith for skipping Sanchez's event, but he could've minimized the fallout by stating beforehand that he had no plans to attend. And if he thinks this was a "hot" story, wait until the competition really gets going.