Milliner still waiting on contract

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson arrived in Cortland and expressed relief that his contract was completed in time, while cornerback Dee Milliner hasn’t yet signed and won’t join the team at SUNY-Cortland until he does.

Milliner was present during the offseason training program, although he is rehabbing a shoulder injury and didn’t practice with the team. CB Antonio Cromartie didn’t think Milliner’s absence would have a long-term impact on his career.

“I don’t think it’ll have a big impact at all,” Cromartie said. “Right now, his contract will be done any day now. The big thing for him is to make sure that he understands when he comes here what we expect of him.”

The former Alabama DB (6 feet, 201 pounds) was the ninth overall pick in the draft.

"He has high expectations for himself as we do to, so whenever he gets here, we just have to keep the ball rolling with the guys we have here until he gets here,” Cromartie said.

The 6-foot-2, 294-pound Richardson, who was 13th overall, signed a deal worth $10.05 million over four years.

Three or four days ago, Richardson’s agent said the two sides weren't close to a deal yet, and he began to get concerned. But the process started to move ahead to his relief.

“Just happy to get the process over with,” Richardson said.