What we learned on Day 3

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Observations from the press box:

1. Foot in mouth: GM John Idzik is so concerned with presenting the organization as a democracy that he unwittingly sparked a brush fire by saying the quarterback decision will be a collaborative effort. In fact, it's Rex Ryan's call, as it should be. He's the coach and he decides who plays and who doesn't, but Idzik refused to say Ryan has the final say. Result: A big, unnecessary headline. It also creates the perception he's usurping Ryan's power. It's admirable that Idzik wants to create a sense of teamwork, but this is one case where he should've said, "We'll give him a lot of input, but it's Rex's decision." Idzik also spewed the collaborative-effort mantra before the draft, but he acknowledged it was his job, as GM, to hand in the card. Now Ryan gets to hand in the lineup card, and everybody should know it's his decision.

2. See Geno run: I think the Jets will be tempted to use Geno Smith as a change-of-pace quarterback -- if he doesn't win the job. Ryan mentioned it as a possibility in minicamp, and he noted Saturday that Smith looked terrific on a read-option run in practice that resulted in a long gainer -- and the biggest roar of the day from the crowd. This is a slippery slope. Smith isn't a running quarterback, per se, but he obviously has good speed. Frankly, I don't think he loves the idea, but he's a rookie and won't make waves. The downside is the potential for injury. It'll be interesting to gauge this as camp progresses.

3. Just for kicks: The so-called competition between incumbent PK Nick Folk and challenger Billy Cundiff didn't get off to a rousing start. Cundiff, a recent pick-up, missed three of five field goals in practice. Folk went 4-for-5. Unless Cundiff emerges from his funk, it looks Folk's job will be safe.