Details on Milliner contract

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- GM John Idzik told people close to him he wasn't going to bend on the issue of offset language in Dee Milliner's contract -- or any rookie contract, for that matter. And he didn't. Milliner's four-year, $12.66 million contract, fully guaranteed, includes the offset.

Basically, the offset prevents Milliner from "double dipping." If he gets cut by the Jets during the contract, which is unlikely, the salary he receives from his new team is subtracted from the salary he was due to make -- and that difference is the Jets' responsibility. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a huge financial issue, but the Jets have maintained an organization policy to include offsets for rookies. They didn't include an offset in Mark Sanchez's 2012 contract extension, and they got burned.

Details on Milliner's deal, per ESPN Insider Adam Schefter:

Signing bonus: $7.588 million, divided into three payouts -- $5 million on Aug. 15, $2.338 million on Oct. 15 and $250,000 in March, 2014.

Base salaries: Minimum rookie salaries.

Roster bonus: He receives $485,505 in 2014; $971,010 in 2015; $1,456,424 in 2016.