Packers decide to go Green

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Why does this always happen to the New York Jets?

On Tuesday, they waived DT Howard Green. On Wednesday, Green was claimed on waivers by the Green Bay Packers, whom they face Sunday at the NMS.

No doubt, the Packers will use Green for his 411 on the Jets, but this isn't your usual case of gamesmanship. The Packers are banged up on the defensive line, and could really use the help. Ryan Pickett (ankle) and Cullen Jenkins (calf) are dealing with injuries, so it's quite possible that Green could be in uniform Sunday.

No team wants to see a recently-cut player end up with that week's opponent, but it's not a new thing for the Jets. In Week 2, it happened with RB Danny Woodhead and the New England Patriots. In Week 3, it happened with OT Patrick Brown and the Miami Dolphins.

The Jets won both games, so evidently the information provided by Woodhead and Brown didn't help all that much. Or maybe the Patriots and Dolphins were just lousy interrogators. In this case, Green could be somewhat useful to the Packers because, as a non-divisional foe, they're not familiar with the Jets' schemes. And vice versa.